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Call for papers 2018

The department of Mass Communication and Journalism is inviting research papers for the upcoming national conference to be held on February 16, 2018. 

Theme: Contemporary Discourses: Media, Gender and Culture

Click the following link for the brochure: National Conference

Paper presenters who wish to submit papers are requested to send an abstract not exceeding 500 words which should reach us by December 15, 2017 to the e-mail id:


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Workshop On Social Media Strategic Plan Preparation

A workshop on Social Media Strategic Plan Preparation was organized by the Department of Journalism & Mass Communication at the Kristu Jayanti College on 30th August 2017. The workshop was handled by Mrs. Amulya Nagaraj, the Associate Director of Pepper Interactive Communication, Bangalore.

She spoke about social media extensively under the purview of its usage as a tool for promotion and branding. Also provided an insight into the effective approaches towards attaining a good brand image through the usage of social media and its tools. She highlighted the need of a clear strategic plan to deal with these platforms and the basics of it.

“The workshop gave us a different perspective about the usage of social media, and helped us to understand it as a marketing tool,” said Ashyl Elizabeth Paul, a second-year  Postgraduate student in Journalism and Mass Communication.

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Emerging Trends in Mass Media: A One Day Workshop

indian express2 edMr. Edison Thomas, The Editor of Indulge – The new Indian Express conducted a workshop on ‘Emerging Trends in Mass Media’ at Kristu Jayanti College. Mr. Edison who has a vast career span with various newspaper organizations such as The Hindu, and the Times of India enthralled the audience with his realistic insights about the media industry.

“What you learn from the ground is different from what you learn from the classrooms. And when you learn this, you will understand your job.” said Edison Thomas. “Journalism is a profession with difference and is something that stands out from every other profession. It is always about the experiences and thrill to live it out” he added.

He also said that Journalism as a profession cannot be done from ivory towers and that it is about being at the ground zero and reporting what we witness and what we have understood from different perspectives. He also emphasized the need to learn more from ones experiences than from the classrooms. “All of this is possible only by being amongst people” he said ,“that’s when the learning starts and you are a journalist for the writer in you, the activist in you and the voice in you” added Mr. Edison.

Mr Edison also talked about the changes and developments that the media has gone through so far. He also shared his experiences on how it is like to be a part of today’s media and how technology is changing the industry on a day to day basis. On this matter he said that, “every day for a journalist it is an exam he is going through, and the result comes out the very next day. Today in the era of online media your results are out at the second you release your story”.

He talked about the importance of honesty in journalism. “The journalism is today undergoing a massive change and to cope with this change it is important to be intelligent and to have a potential and passion for this profession” he said.

The session was a platform for conversations on the trends that are ruling the media and how the marketing strategies that take place outside cause changes inside the media. The session was interactive and for the students, it was a golden opportunity to interact with a person who has seen and is experiencing the emergence of the trends that the media is celebrating today.

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Guest Lecture on Scripting and Advertising

The Postgraduate students of Journalism & Mass Communication attended a workshop on scriptwriting and advertising at Kristu Jayanti College by Dr. Anupama Nayar, Faculty at the Department of Performing Arts, Christ University, Bangalore on 10 August 2017.

Dr. Anupama focused on the need and nuances of scripting in advertisements. She explained the process of preparing a script and how it is to be framed creatively. She also opinionated that the restrictions on scripts are based on its objectives, and these restrictions or rigidities, in turn, lead to creativity and better execution.

She also spoke extensively about issues like the objectification of women, over-sexualization of bodies and racism. And also stressed the need to tackle these kinds of trends through resistance and protest. “Scripting is a way to tackle the mind games and it also brings in out all the potential that can be brought out,” said Dr. Anupama. She also spoke about the scope of performing arts in the field of advertising. The event also featured a very informative interactive session.

“We have always thought about scripting as the most tedious and sluggish part of every creative production, but our perspectives have changed after the session,” said Alda Joseph, a second-year postgraduate student of Journalism and Mass Communication.

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Fade In: Film Fest 2017

The Film and Photography club of Kristu Jayanti College held its annual film fest, ‘Fade-in’ on 27 July, honouring the 25th death anniversary of Film Director, Satyajit Ray.


The Chief Guest, Shri Georgekutty AL, Secretary of Bangalore Film Society was accompanied by Rev Fr. Josekutty PD, Principal of the college, Rev Fr. Augustine George, Vice Principal, Kristu Jayanti College, Rev Fr. Emmanuel PJ, Director of Hostels, Prof. Gopakumar AV, Dean of humanities and student and faculty coordinators of the film fest. The fest saw a participation of around 200 students from UG and PG departments.


The two day film fest showcased a striking, inspirational and eclectic diversity of films conjured from the past and the present. With movies like ‘Pather Panchali’, ‘The salesman’, ‘The great dictator’, ‘Kaakka Muttai’ and such, it was an appreciation of how the present connects with the past, and how the individual connects with the social  preoccupations that seem pertinent to the current times.

“What makes a film remarkable is the truth that it reflects. Authenticity is a valuable element which a director can put in their film to view it in a scholastic approach with a broader perspective,” said Shri Georgekutty AL. He also advised young budding directors to be brave and not to be discouraged by hardships that they may encounter in their journey of film making.

Reporter: Abhishek Pde

Photo: Bhumika N

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Workshop On ‘Writing For Newspapers’

A workshop on ‘Writing for newspapers’ were conducted on 26 July, 2017, Wednesday in Kristu Jayanti College, Conference Hall at 10:00 AM. Mr. Pradeep Nair, News Editor, The Hindu, started the session with a general overview of present day generations reading habits and the need for a writer to understand the reader’s mind. He also shared the strengths and weakness of both television and print media. He taught the students, how is the writing for newspaper different from writing an essay/story.



Few tips were given on different types of writing for newspapers and different steps in writing newspaper articles. ‘Constant reading is good to train yourself. Like Usain Bolt preparing himself for the final match you have to train your own mind for that skill to come naturally,’ said Mr. B. Pradeep Nair. The session was engrossing and helped students to know more in-depth on certain topics. Students were making the session two-way interactive by asking questions and sharing experiences related to the topic. Students were rapturous to be part of such workshops organized by the department.

Reporter: Christena Nellickal

Photos: Bhumika N